We first announce the Eligible Positions within the Institution. Our colleagues who want to make a position change or be a reference to their friends have the right to evaluate first.

We are looking for Competencies that we have determined according to the basic principles of our institution in all applications, regardless of position. We consider having a Continuous Learning culture in our teammates, who are our most valuable resource, as a condition for success.


We are starting Orientation Training on the first day of our new friends in order to enable them to get to know Technology. We explain our Institutional Organization and Procedures, Information Security policies and enable them to get to know the institution in detail.


With the principle that knowledge sharing is the locomotive power that motivates the whole team, we determine the training topics in line with the needs of our teammates and our institution, announce them in the Corporate Training System and make the time plan together. In line with our Continuous Learning policy, we both ensure personal development at the highest level and provide support to our Business Partners with the most up-to-date and accurate solutions.

Performance Evaluation

Every six months, we conduct a Performance Evaluation and apply a Reward System. Thanks to the processes of setting measurable individual and corporate goals, evaluation and feedback, we are able to sustain our professional development as a team. It is based on the principle that performance evaluation tables, consisting of personal development goals and general success criteria, are shaped by the joint work of our colleagues and the team leader they are affiliated with. Performance System results are shaped by updating these created tables on a team basis by a senior manager. In this system, calculation methods are compatible with the transparency and equality principles we advocate.

Internship – Part Time Work

We consider the internship process to be the most productive of the methods that allow the career start of young people that we can train as colleagues. We offer our young friends, who are 3rd and 4th year, Technical and Vocational High School senior students, the opportunity to work during the summer and winter internship periods. In addition to personal applications, we request that suitable students be directed to our institution in consultation with the School Administrators.

Open Positions

We are constantly in search of a dynamic teammate who enjoys producing, developing and solving problems, loves research, is willing to Continuous Learning and personal development.

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