Our solutions

BT Service

With the IT Infrastructure and User Service we offer to our customers at global standards, we enable our customers to focus on their business and spend their energies in their sectors. Within the scope of our service, we provide consultancy to our customers in the field of BT infrastructure, produce and implement optimum solutions for their needs.

BT Helpdesk

In addition to our on-site support services, we offer remote IT Infrastructure support to our customers through our Service Desks built with professional technical infrastructure and resources.

We can adjust our Service Desk according to the needs of our customers.

Example Service Desk models:

  • With a team and infrastructure created specifically for the needs of our customers and the environment,
  • With a dedicated team to support our customers’ IT infrastructure projects,
  • With a dedicated team supporting specific issues for some software projects,
  • We create in our own offices according to the needs of our customers with infrastructure and team.

Application Support

Within the scope of our End User Support Service, we support our customers’ applications (CRM, ERP, etc.) applications or software projects with experienced teams. We can arrange our support as full-time or part-time onsite or remote support according to the needs of our customers.

Database Management

Within the scope of our database consultancy, installation and management services, we design database architecture by making detailed analyzes in line with the needs of our customers, identify suitable products, make all installations, and produce backup and replication solutions. After all the formation stages, we provide management support with our experienced teams.

Microsoft Enterprise Services

It includes all services provided in line with the needs of our customers in order to implement efficient, safe and accurate technologies. Using MSF (Microsoft Solution Framework) methodology, we apply all technologies that provide network technologies, messaging, communication, management, security, distribution, virtualization, business continuity and disaster management scenarios that organizations need, in all structures that may be complex or simple.

​With Microsoft Turkey, we offer Microsoft-based solutions and added value, valuable services from license sales to a wide range of consultancy and solutions. We meet the needs of the institution.

BT Infrastructure Setup

Detailed needs analysis by making new IT Infrastructure installations or BT Infrastructure renewal / development of our customers;

  1. ​Local and Wide Area Network design and installation,
  2. Active Directory Domain design and setup,
  3. Application and File Server planning and installation,
  4. Shared Storage planning and setup,
  5. Secure Internet access,
  6. Intranet (SharePoint) setup,
  7. Like these problems, we produce solutions and provide post-installation support.

Server Installation and Management

We provide services on needs analysis, selection of the appropriate product and license model, planning, commissioning, operation and management.

We ensure that continuous operational tasks such as setting rights on the server, backup, security and update management are run on-site or remotely according to your requirements.

System Room Infrastructure Installation and Arrangement

In System Room Infrastructures;

  • System room design and installation,
  • System room restructuring and arrangement,
  • Network cabinet arrangement
  • System room monitoring and fire, heat, humidity, flood prevention solutions,
  • We make installations according to the demands of our customers.

Network Infrastructure Setup

According to our customers’ requests;

  • WAN Optimization,
  • Connection Between Locations,
  • LAN Cabling
  • Wireless Network Infrastructure Setup,
  • System Room Design and Arrangement,
  • network security,
  • We offer solutions such as

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

In today’s world where Information Technologies and the processes housed in this structure are very important for our business, supporting these structures in order to ensure our business continuity has also gained importance. Creating a structure that will ensure business continuity is not only a task that needs to be done in the information technology structure, but also a strategy that should be created with the coordination of all business units. We plan the business continuity strategy of our customers and implement the most appropriate technological solutions with our team that is aware of all these.


Knowing the importance and conditions of virtualization in today’s technology, Turkey’s first use solution and technology institutions as a solution in the VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V infrastructure of their customers, Intel as one of the first and only virtualization solutions in Turkey, solution provider and VMware like us. As an Enterprise Partner;

  • Virtualization solutions and applications,
  • Integration of existing structures into virtualization technology,
  • Implementing scalable modular solutions as needed


We offer solutions such as After the transactions, we offer professional support with all the features of technology. In addition, we contribute to the spread of virtualization by organizing seminars that guide the sector and provide information sharing.

Backup and Replication

We formulate all the necessary strategies to back up all the information that will ensure the business continuity of our customers and to determine the methods to be used at the most appropriate level and with the most appropriate budget. We determine all operational processes during the strategy formation phase and shape them according to the structure of our customers and experienced global standards.

Information Security

In addition, with the awareness that the “person using the information” is the biggest factor for information security, we offer Information Security trainings in the process.

SAN Storage and Backup Solutions

In today’s world, gaining knowledge affects our work, so we provide and calculate;

  • Future planning of the capacity to host the data,
  • Creation of appropriate data storage solution,
  • Creating backup solutions in different alternatives according to the importance of the data,
  • Solutions for tiered Storage and Backup structures for different needs of different applications to make data faster and more secure.

Hardware Technology Consulting

We determine the most suitable models and brands for all the hardware that our customers need in the context of the creation, development and renewal of the IT infrastructure. With our experienced sales team, we offer the best prices from our distributors with high-level partnerships.

IP Phone

IP Phone systems are increasingly replacing analog phones. IP phone systems use VoIP technology, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. In short, VoIP means making phone calls over the Internet. No technical knowledge is required to call VoIP infrastructure. You can also search anywhere with an internet connection.

From the point of view of only phone calls, the advantages of IP Phone systems over analog systems can be considered as many technological innovations such as low cost, being independent from location and video communication. In addition, IP Phone infrastructure has advantages in terms of reporting tools, CRM software, call management and expandability.

The biggest advantage of IP telephony solutions is the open architecture for the integration of value-added communication applications. Thus, it is possible to monitor the status of the system room on the IP phone screen, to transfer information to the current stock market or to exchange information with users, to talk about value-added applications from using the phones as an internal announcement. We determine the system, method / products suitable for the needs of your company and your budget, and we carry out projects that include the supply, installation and configuration of all products within the scope of the solution.

Video Conferencing and Telepresence

With video conferencing technology, we aim to reduce logistics costs and increase productivity by providing an effective meeting and communication opportunity, especially for our customers who have offices in different and remote areas.

Help Desk / Call Center Setup

Your organization’s small or large IP phone system infrastructure is designed and delivered ready for end use, based on your needs and requirements. What you need for this service is to let us know what you need. In the light of this information, we can analyze your network infrastructure, search for your infrastructure and reporting needs and complete the necessary adjustments and installations. It is also possible to expand and update the system in the development of structures and differentiation of needs.

KIOSK and Digital Signage & InfoPoint

We provide internal communication with InfoPoint and Kiosk stations located in the common areas of our customers, where applications can be customized and personalized for institutions.